Time to Party!

Bridal showers, birthday parties… we get them all! We love any excuse to decorate, and themed parties are all the better.

Featured Pieces: Large White Buffet

A Swifty Bridal Shower

The bridal shower to the right was for a lovely lady who is a huge Taylor Swift fan. Her loved ones planned Lover theme shower! They rented our large white buffet to serve as a snack and dessert bar.

Happy Birthday Conner!

For Conner’s birthday last summer we celebrated at home with homemade birthday cake and cookies! For food we had McAlister’s catering. It was all delicious and it was great to get together with friends and family!

Featurede Pieces: Round Tables, White Tablecloths, Wood Slices, Assorted Amber and Clear Bottles, Wood Slice Cake Stand, Small Antique Chalkboard

Featured Pieces: Dark Wood Tray

Food Trends

Move over dessert bars, there is a new favorite spread in town! We have been seeing charcuterie boards everywhere lately! I (Jordan) am totally here for it! Give me all the unusual meats and cheeses! 😉

Make Your Own Board!

1. Start with your cheeses! Pick 3-4 different styles of cheeses.

2. Now add the meat, typically cured meats. Like the cheese, choose a few varieties.

3. Now you need something to put your cheese on! Add bread, crackers, etc. I love to use slices of toasted baguette, and a couple types of crackers or pita chips!

4. Time for fruits, veggies, and nuts, add a variety. Fruit can be fresh, dried, or both! For veggies, I love olives and pickles!

5. Finish with the extras. Its great to add some dips and spreads to compliment everything! You can add jams, pesto, honey, ground mustard, etc!

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